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iHey there, my incredible Pilates fam! I'm Sarah, and I am beyond excited to share some amazing news with you. Drumroll, please... I am the new face behind the brand at Pilates Reformer NZ! *pinch me moment!*

You may already know me from my own studio, Central Core, where I've been rocking the Pilates world for nearly five incredible years. And let me tell you, it has been an absolute blast!

Working with Align Pilates equipment has been a game-changer for me. Their reformers are the perfect combination of size, quality, and user-friendly design. I couldn't be happier to bring that same level of awesomeness to Pilates Reformer NZ.


movement makers crew that import Pilates equipment in New Zealand. Align Pilates Equipment have a long-standing reputation worldwide after having been developed in the UK over 10 years ago. During this time Align has refined their range of at home and commercial equipment developing a world class rapid change spring bar for the reformers and ensuring all equipment meets an ISO Standard.

If you want extra bang for your buck, Align is for you, it will deliver you a high quality, reliable and durable piece of kit that will last you for years to come.

Personally, we run a commercial studio in Whangarei, Central Core and have used Align since our opening in 2018 and it hasn’t skipped a beat in operating 25 classes a week. Our Studio doubles as a show room and we are more than happy to take you for a spin on anything we have in stock, I promise you will love it.

Pilates Reformer will not only deliver you the best Pilates machines, but we aim to provide you
with the best customer service and experience. From giving you advice on which machine
best suits your needs, to mechanical questions to helping you service your equipment, we are
here for you every step of the way.

We always have your back!

Align Pilates Reformers - quality pilates equipment in new zealand

Pilates & Chronic Fatigue

From battling chronic fatigue during my bodybuilding days to discovering the magic of pilates in a single class—my journey was transformed! I aced mat and comprehensive training, blown away by pilates' versatility. That "aha" moment led me to launch my own studio, spreading the pilates passion and hooking others on its awesomeness!

Central Core - Building the Pilates Community

In 2018, my Whangarei studio dream became reality... Introducing Central Core. My pilates squad fuels my passion—it's all for them. As an education-driven instructor, I embrace ongoing learning to bring my A-game for awesome clients like you - so If you have a question let's chat!

Pilates Reformer Nz and YOU!

Running a studio with top-notch Pilates reformers and accessories, I experienced their amazingness firsthand. Recognizing their unparalleled quality, I seized the opportunity—it was a perfect fit. Sharing the Pilates magic and pairing it with what I genuinely consider the industry's finest product was an obvious choice. Because you deserve nothing but the best



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