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How to choose the right Align-Pilates Reformer for you

First things first..

What is the main purpose of use?

For example, a home reformer machine is great for those who need something with a smaller footprint, it's the best kind of space saving solution for those wanting a high quality reformer but not using it for commercial purposes. 

Need a commercial reformer?

From my experience working with clients, the bigger the carriage the better. This will give your clients a better movement experience, especially when working with bigger bodies (eg: the mates over 170cm) or freinds who aren't as mobile for one reason or another. Our C8 Align-Pilates Reformerahas a 92cm x 58cm carriage base. 


More on commercial use...

Integrity. Ask your suppliers if your equipment has certified ISo Standard. ISO will mean your reformer meets international standards for quality assurance and manufacturing. Ours do & we are damn proud of it. Align-Pilates Reformers are well known, international brand that have been operating since 2010

What to choose for home?

If you have plenty of room and your reformer can be ready for a workout anytime, for with the H1 Align Pilates Reformer. The H1 Align-Pilates Reformer is a free standing machine loaded with 4 springs and a slightly smaller footprint than the commercial reformers. If the space is confined and you will need a tiny compact being, the F3 Align Pilates Folding Machine is your best bet. 



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